Monday, April 18, 2011

4.18 Possible Solutions

           When I first considered this topic, I only thought of the treatment of Mexican individuals by Americans.   Mexican workers are an important part of America’s economy.  They are assimilated into our culture as needed to perform necessary work.  In many cases they are looked down upon and treated less than human, which is dehumanization. As I began my research the solution I came up with was that there was a misunderstanding between people.  If people thought of the conditions that they were working in and the reasons behind it the situation would improve.  The idea being every job and person completing it is important to the society and should be respected.
Unfortunately, the situation or solution is not that simple. There are many reasons behind the condition of Mexico’s economy, which has driven the Mexican people to a position of assimilation and dehumanization.  After Mexico’s independence from Spain, the country went through a period of Neocolonialism.  During this time the country produced mainly raw materials which were traded with the United States and Britain.  Being a producer of only raw materials gave little incentive for industrial development and made Mexico dependent on other economies.  
If this is considered a solution may be to help further develop Mexico’s economy. If there was a better job market in Mexico than there wouldn’t be as many immigrant workers in the United States. This is a solution to assimilation into the American economy, but does not completely resolve the problem of dehumanization.  I am not sure that there is a solution to dehumanization since a combination of a viewpoint as well as action of people.  The conditions of treatment would improve if the Mexican people were not in the position that they are in, but this does not necessarily mean that the general perceptions would improve.  
            This is not a completely practical solution because even if more job opportunities became available in Mexico the United States would probably still have a need for foreign labor.  Therefore the Mexican workers would still be a part of society.  This brings me back to the idea of the solution being the change in American’s attitude toward Mexico.  The countries are dependent on each other and this will probably never change.

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